Our Mandate

Is to offer counselling to individuals for substance abuse and assault related issues. We strive to cultivate a therapeutic alliance where skills are strengthened and client self-efficacy is increased. Using a harm reduction model, our staff and clients operate in a client centered environment. We have found this approach increases client motivation to implement changes that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle; as well as, reduce criminal recidivism. We our proud to offer aftercare to our clients, this program can help clients maintain newly acquired skills and receive continuous support while navigating through difficult times of life.

What We've Achieved

  • Our programs are court approved

  • Over 15,000 clients seen

  • Aided in the construction and development of Birchplace Community housing (Toronto)

  • Published Choices Magazine for 5 years

  • Proven that open carasoul counselling eliminates prohibitive waiting periods, and is extremely client centered and cost effective.

  • Proud of the fact that we have always maintained a firm belief in the presumption of innocence

  • Strived to balance both the rights of the victim and rights of the accused

  • Upheld the fair and dignified treatment of all of our clients without shame.

  • We have never allowed a client’s financial hardship to be a prohibitive barrier to their counselling.

  • References are available upon request.